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First Energy–Sammis

Location: Stratton, OH

Customer Problem

Needed an engineering study and support material to determine if it was possible to switch from Eastern Basin coal to PRB coal within existing equipment scope.

Customer Request

Do the engineering study and provide recommendations on how to best achieve the desired results. Reliability was of utmost importance.

Imperial Conveying Systems Solution

Completed the study and gave recommendations for equipment including fire suppression/prevention along with dust control and suppression. The study included an evaluation of the existing coal handling systems including conveyors from the railcar unloading to the coal bunkers for the purpose of conveying alternative fuels.


Imperial Conveying Systems was able to determine and give equipment upgrade recommendations that allowed the customer to spend little time and cost for the Engineering Study up front that saved them exponentially in downtime, equipment expense, and  gave a total lower cost of ownership to achieve the desired end result.

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