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We design and build systems to our customer's needs and specifications.

You need your conveyors to do exactly what they were designed to do as efficiently as possible. Every shop is different. That’s why we take a strategically unique approach every time we build a conveying system. Review a sample of solutions below and contact us to begin designing the conveyor system that will work best for you.

Trough Conveyors- Truss, Gallery, Overland, Channel Frame

Imperial Conveying Systems designs and manufactures Truss, Gallery, Overland, and Channel Frame conveyors to meet the needs of customers in most all industry types.
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Sidewall Conveyors

Sidewall Conveyors are ideal for transporting bulk material efficiently on uphill and downhill gradients.
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Slider Bed Conveyors

Slider Bed Conveyors are the ideal solution for moving unstable grains, sawdust, chips, forages, and other bulky materials.
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Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System

The Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System is uniquely designed for bulk material transporting on steep angle and/or environmentally sensitive applications.
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Flexi-Cleat™ Conveyor System: Steep-Angle Conveying

Imperial's Flexi-Cleat is another unique solution for providing clean steep-angle conveying in the shortest distance between load-point and discharge. The Flexi-Cleat Conveyor is a new belt design that can be loaded, and will convey bulk material at angles of greater than 45 degrees.
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Radial and Fixed Stacker Conveyors

Radial Stacking Conveyors are the ultimate solution to utilize complete stockpiling footprints on all axis.
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Full Integrated Bulk Materials Delivery Systems

Imperial Conveying Systems designs, builds, and installs complete, fully automated processing or packaging operations to meet the unique needs for varying applications.
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Rotary Distributors

Imperial Conveying systems offers Rotary Distributors to serve the bulk handling market.
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Weighing Systems

Imperial Conveying Systems offers multiple weighing system manufacturers to assure the customer the correct product for their specific application.
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Process Systems integration

Imperial Conveying Systems utilizes the resources and process knowledge of an engineering firm and combines that with equipment fabrication and supply capabilities to provide quality plant solutions.
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Bulk Material Storage and Distribution Systems

Imperial Conveying Systems engineers, fabricates, and supplies all types of storage and distribution systems to make your operation as efficient and safe as possible.
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Breakers are among the best choices of equipment to perform size reduction and scalping off undesirables in a single operation.
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Bulk Feeders

Imperial Conveying Systems engineers, develops, and manufactures all types of bulk material feeders.
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Angle of Repose Feeder - ARF

Imperial's ARF is a variable speed rotary feeder for bulk materials that works in harmony with the natural flow of the material being fed.
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Tripper Conveyors

Tripper Conveyors create multiple discharge points.
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The Imperial Accelerator™: The Ultimate Coal-Processing Machine

More than a breaker, more than a crusher, The Accelerator can provide a higher quality, sized raw-coal product while piling up savings on operating costs and revenue enhancement.
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