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Timken Steel

Location: Canton, OH

Customer Problem

Their vertical steel casters create a lot of slag that collects and solidifies on the basement floor of the casting room which results in a very labor intensive clean up every few weeks. (see photo 01)

Customer Request

Come up with a way to move the slag as it falls during the casting process and transport it to the trench behind the casters and then up and out of the basement.

Imperial Conveying Systems Solution

Designed a water sluiceway the hardens and blasts the slag to the trench and into a drag conveyor.  The drag conveyor drags the steel slag down the trench and then makes an inclined turn to take the slag up and out of the basement to a collection hopper.  (see photos 02 thru 10)


The customer was able to greatly reduce his downtime needed to clean the impacted area. They were also able to reallocate that manpower to complete other tasks within an already lean production department saving them time and money.

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